Companion Planting for Your Fall Garden

Companion planting is the practice of placing certain plants next to other complementary plants in your garden so they can help each other grow.

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Well, that’s not quite right. Complementary, with an E. Not an I. (Although, I, too, believe you can do it, for what it’s worth.)

If you’re planning a fall garden and wondering how companion planting might help you have, oh, I don’t know, the greatest garden ever (or even just one that allows you to eat a few things from it), we’ve got you covered. Or, rather, the fine folks at Home Advisor do, because they created this sweet video and infographic to give you a practical, visual guide to companion planting.

A Visual Guide To Companion Planting

A Visual Guide To Companion Planting HomeAdvisor

What’s going in your garden this fall? —Kristen


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