Sipping Made Simple: 3 Ways to Get More Water

Whenever someone asks me for tips on improving their health, I ask them how much water they drink. And I rarely encounter anyone who actually drinks as much as they should on a daily basis.

So, in an effort to help you all guzzle the good stuff a little more frequently, I’m sharing the scoop on a few items that have been sent my way for review. They make drinking water all day long easier — whether you’re at home, on the road or out for a run.

When you need to keep your water cold all day long:

hydroflask tumbler

If you haven’t heard of Hydro Flask, you might want to check your ears, because this company is everywhere. These double walled, vacuum insulated bottles keep cold water icy cold for up to 24 hours (and can keep your coffee nice and steamy for up to six) without that temperature seeping through to the outside, meaning your hands won’t freeze as you hold your ice water. Now, they’ve got a new Tumbler (in three sizes — 10 oz, 22 oz and 32 oz) that makes sipping even simpler. The insulated press-in lid stays put really well and doesn’t leak, but it’s worth noting that it doesn’t actually close (like the water bottles do), so you can’t just toss this one in your bag.

When you want your water chilled … like, now:



While I have a few friends who prefer their agua at room temperature, I’m firmly in the ol’ “the colder, the better” camp when it comes to water — or just about any beverage that isn’t supposed to be hot, really. So the HyperChiller? It’s the — wait for it — coolest. You can chill lukewarm (or even hot) water in a minute. Just keep the HyperChiller in the freezer, and flash chill your water (or, let’s be honest — your wine, or your cocktail, or, heck, your coffee!) in one minute without having to add an ice cube.

When you’re planning to run … for a long time:

camelbak ultrapro vest

Well, I’d hope that any plans for a long run would already include a hydration method, but if the thought of toting a water bottle as you crush those miles leaves you cold, it’s probably time to up your game with a hydration vest. The Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest is lightweight with plenty of airflow and has two 17 oz Quick Stow flasks that tuck into the front pockets, making it easy as pie to grab a quick drink without slowing your pace. There’s more storage, too, so you can bring your phone, fuel, clothes, or even an additional reservoir (sold separately) in back if you’re really getting in some big miles.

What’s your biggest hurdle when it comes to staying properly hydrated? If you just don’t really love water, you might want to check out a few of these flavorful ideasKristen

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