Healthy Eating in Living Color

You’ve probably heard that you should try to eat the rainbow each day, and there are lots of ways to keep yourself accountable with that goal. My friend, Sarah (yep, same one who made this!), keeps it nice and simple with a white board on her fridge listing every food color. As she eats a serving, she marks it on the board. That way, if evening comes and she realizes she’s short on, say, red, it’s easy enough for her to snack on some strawberries.

But do you really know what all those fruit and veggie colors mean for you in terms of nutrition?

The folks at EveryNutrient put together this nifty infographic that we’re kind of loving. It breaks it all down so it’s super simple to see why it’s important to nosh on a variety of colorful eats each day.

(Pssst… need more help? You might want to check out the Colorful Eats program on the Coach by Cigna app — you just might see a friendly face!)

Colours of Healthy Eating

This Infographic by Every Nutrient

It’s one thing to know what these foods offer — it’s another to understand just what they do for you, right?

How much effort do you make toward eating the rainbow each day? Got any tricks to share? I’ve got one word for you: smoothie. —Kristen

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