Biting Into a Better Bread

There’s a reason people call awesome stuff “the greatest thing since sliced bread.” And it’s because sliced bread is pretty fantastic. I love starting my day with a piece of toast spread with avocado or nut butter, and I’m no stranger to sopping up a tasty sauce with a slice.

That said, I’m well aware that a lot of the bread out there doesn’t exactly qualify as a health food. I’m okay with that, but I love finding bread options that fall on the better-for-you side, and I’ve had a couple delish ones sent my way recently.

snacking rounds

First up: Ozery Bakery Snacking Rounds. These little round pieces of bread come in three flavors (Apple Cinnamon, Cinnamon Raisin and Cranberry Orange), include real fruit pieces, and are free of artificial preservatives — plus, you’ll recognize everything on the ingredient list. These are small enough to be a nice little snack. I definitely prefer them toasted (they recommend trying them as wee little French toasts, which would be amaaaazing), but you could easily make yourself a little mini sandwich with them as a snack or light lunch. They’re not everywhere (although here’s the store locator), but a quick search online turned up some ordering options.

One piece of advice I’ll offer is that, if you aren’t going to eat them up quickly, put them in the freezer. You know how I mentioned that they contain no artificial preservatives? Well, that also means that leaving them out on my counter for a week meant that I reached for a snack one day and … it was too late. Don’t let my fate become your own, guys.


Next, we’ve got BraziBites, which are an authentic Brazilian cheese bread that you keep in your freezer and throw in the oven for 20 minutes — these are best enjoyed fresh out of the oven and hot. They come in four flavors (Cheddar & Parmesan, Garlic Asiago, Zesty Pepper Jack and 3 Cheese Pizza), and because they’re made with tapioca flour, they’re naturally gluten-free (as well as free of preservatives, trans fat and sugar).

So, they look like mini dinner rolls, right? But they’re really something unique — they’re kind of flaky on the outside and then fluffy/chewy on the inside, almost in a cheesy potato-y way. And that’s definitley not a complaint! I really liked having them on their own alongside some fish and veggies, but the website offers some really interesting recipes, like using them as a crust for pizza or as buns for meatball sliders. You can buy these online or find a store near you.

Are you guys bread heads, too? —Kristen

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