Best Packaged Foods for Runners

You know that, when it comes to nutrition, your best options are pretty much always fresh, whole foods. But you also know that sometimes convenience is the most important factor — especially when you’re mapping out your nutrition around a long run or a race.

The folks at Runner’s World know this, too, and happily for us, they had a panel of registered dieticians identify packaged foods that were handy and healthy options for runners. They selected foods for a variety of categories: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Fuel-Up (Pre-run, Mid-run and Post-run selections), Snacks & Sips and Desserts. And while they paid close attention to things like a simple ingredient list, whether or not the food is organic and non-GMO, and the number of calories, don’t worry — taste was a factor, too.

best packaged foods for runners
Credit: Matt Rainey for Runner’s World

You can get the full list with loads of details on the Runner’s World site, or check out the video below to see if your fave handy snack made their list.

Any of these selections surprise you? I wasn’t exactly surprised, but I was pretty happy to see Beanitos on there! —Kristen


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