Cheers! But Don’t Touch My Drink

We all have our quirks, right? Maybe you don’t like the different foods on your plate to touch, or perhaps the sound of someone chewing drives you absolutely batty. Maybe you try to keep this little flash of eccentricity under wraps, but I’m going to share my own personal peculiarity, and I’m inviting you to let your freak flag fly right alongside mine.

You see, for as much as I love sharing the foods, drinks, and flavors I enjoy with the people closest to me, I … can’t actually share my drink. Like, if someone else’s mouth touches my glass, more often than not, I just offer for them to keep it and finish it themselves. I’ve tossed out mostly full cans of pop because I took a drink and got lipstick on it and couldn’t bring myself to drink … after myself.

wine charms needed

I swear, I’m mostly not a complete weirdo. But this? This is a bit intense, I’ll admit. I used to try to hide it, but I recently realized that, while my friends might poke a little bit of fun at me for my idiosyncrasy, they also respect it. So much so that, at group dinner last Christmas, when the champagne flutes got mixed up and I wasn’t sure which one was mine, the host immediately grabbed me a clean flute from the cabinet. And then we put a charm on it so I would know all night long which one was mine. We all laughed, I blushed a bit, but you know what? I sure knew which drink was mine that evening!

I’ve been a really big fan of glass markers and wine charms for ages. After all, lots of people who don’t get super weirded out about sharing drinks use them, so they prevent me from having to be all awkward without really projecting “Kristen is so awkward!” Which is great, because, dude, I do plenty of that myself.

But with all that in mind, I wanted to share a few super cute ones I’ve come across recently. And if you have a favorite kind you think I need to check out, give me a shout in the comments!

drink markers

Fred and Friends Social Climbers ($10): These adorable little guys made an appearance in my stocking this holiday season (thanks, Mother-in-Law!) and I couldn’t love them more. They really only work with stemmed glasses, but I’ll tell you what — I’ve not only started using more stemmed glasses, but I even keep one of these guys in my purse in case I end up somewhere and need a handy charm! If sloths aren’t your jam, well, for one thing, what is wrong with you? But also, this brand actually has a ton of super fun options you might want to check out. Like “winer” dogs and kitty cats (with — what else? — “wine” lives).

harry potter wine charms

Harry Potter Themed Charms ($3+ each): I’m not the only Potter-head in the Fit Bottomed World, am I? I particularly love that these charms are quite beautiful on their own, and many would just look like, you know, cool wine charms to regular ol’ Muggles. But if you know your Harry Potter, you’ll recognize Aragog, the Deathly Hallows, the Sorting Hat and more. Get yo’ geek on, guys.

tipsy tags wine markers

Tipsy Tags ($14.99+): You know how I mentioned that issue with some wine markers requiring a stem? Not these! Tipsy Tags has all kinds of sticky tags — I mean, choose from blingy crystals, all kinds of sports and games, patterns, shoes, sassy jokes and more — and they stick to your glass, so no stem? No problem.

wine markers

Vino Markers ($7.95): Feel like getting creative (or encouraging your guests to do just that)? This is a seriously cool idea. These Vino Markers write on glasses (and ceramic — so plates are game, too) and the writing is supposed to stay put for the life of the party, then wash off in warm, soapy water.

workout wine charms

Strong Is Beautiful Wine Charms ($18): Like we were ever going to have a round-up of fun products and not include something workout-related! Dumbbells and kettlebells might not be a perfect fit for your crystal goblet in real life, but reimagined as a charm? Just about perfect for an FBG, wouldn’t you say?

Okay, let’s hear it. What’s your biggest quirk … and what do you do about it? —Kristen

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  1. Love the markers! We’re always doing Solo cups with a magic marker at family gatherings. This is SOOO much better!