Birthday Giveaway: Vega One Protein Powder Prize Pack

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Delicious and easy! (And free wouldn’t hurt, either.)

For our final birthday week giveaway, we’ve got your protein needs covered with a three-pack prize from Vega One. You might recall that we’re kiiinda fans of this vegan protein powder, and there’s a good reason. Aside from each scoop offering 20 grams of protein, it also packs 25 percent of your daily fiber, omega-3s, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, veggies and greens in each serving. All of that, and just 160 calories, so you can easily add this to your fave nut milk, toss in a few frozen berries, and have yourself one heck of a nutritious shake.

Oh, right. The giveaway!


If you’re fixin’ to try some for yourself, this is an awesome opportunity. We’re giving away three tubs of Vega One to a lucky winner (U.S. or Canada only, please). All you’ve gotta do is comment below and answer the following question:

What three flavors of Vega One most appeal to you, and what would you want to pair them with in a smoothie?

We’ll randomly select a winner in a week and contact them via email. In the meantime, why don’t you check out our other fantastic birthday giveaways? You could win a whole stack of cookbooks or my favorite pan everrrr! —Kristen

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  1. French Vanilla, Vanilla Chai, and Chocolate all sound delicious! I would pair them all with a banana and add peanut butter to the chocolate!

  2. I always lean toward chocolate protein powder, but I could see that Coconut Almond rocking my world! I bet it would be perfect with some almond or coconut milk, one of Nut Zez’s amazing no-sugar almond butters (toasted coconut or maple, maybe!), and yogurt – simple, creamy, and delicious.

  3. I love vega! I use the protein & greens every morning! Out of these 3 great options I would use the mocha and put it in the blender with some peanut butter powder, banana and blueberries!

  4. Vanilla Chai, Berry and Mocha. I would put PB2 with the mocha, and probably more berries with the berry.

  5. Mocha (add banana and coconut/ soy milk), vanilla chai (banana, blueberries, extra cinnamon, soy milk), natural (flaxmeal, banana/ blueberries/ raspberries, soy/ coconut milk, dash of almond/ vanilla extract).

  6. To tell you the truth, I don’t know which one. I’m usually a chocolate person, but any would do to start with. I have never used them or any other. I am learning to be more healthy, so any one of them will be fine. Pair with? No idea but am still trying to figure that out too. So much to learn!

  7. Coconut Almond sounds like something I would love to try! Throw in some pineapple & run extract for a piña colada protein shake with an almondy kick!
    Really, I’d love to try them all!

  8. I would love to try the vanilla! My stand by is frozen strawberries and bananas but I could always go for adding some peanut butter

  9. Coconut Almond, Chocolate and Vanilla Chai! I’d pair these with some almond milk, ice and a half of a banana.

  10. I love COCONUT ALMOND with vanilla greek yogurt and frozen pineapple, CHOCOLATE With peanut butter powder and almond milk, and BERRY with spinach, banana and amond milk!

  11. I love Vega Berry, Mocha and French Vanilla. I pair the berry and french vanilla with bananas, blueberries and cauliflower. The mocha, I usually just add almond milk and some ice…Yum!

  12. Mocha (because, hi, it’s MOCHA!), Chocolate (see previous justification), and Vanilla Chai. I’d stick frozen cubes of cold brew coffee in the Mocha for coffee frosty goodness; frozen banana in the Chocolate, with a bit of peanut butter; and frozen berries and/or pear with the Chai. And now I’m hungry/thisty!

  13. Mocha is my #1 favorite!! Paired with banana & cacao powder.

    Coconut almond with pineapple, peach, mango.

    French vanilla with cherries & bloobs.

  14. French Vanilla and Coconut Almond both sound good to me!
    Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday!

  15. I just started drinking Vega One and I’m a huge fan! I would like to try: Vanilla, chocolate and Mocha. I mix my smoothies with Almond Butter, Kale, spinach and frozen fruit.

  16. I used to be such a vanilla girl but in my old age, lol, I’m going for the chocolate more. I’d love the Chocolate Almond and the Mocha flavors and I’d add chia seeds, flax seeds and some maple extract or syrup if I have it. Love a nutty flavor and pecans or walnuts blended in the mocha sounds just delish!

  17. Coconut Almond would be my pick since it is the most unique. I would pair it with almond milk, nut butter, spinach, and banana.

  18. Coconut Almond sounds amazing! I love to mix protein powder with Greek yogurt to make a healthy “pudding!”

  19. I’m a chocoholic so … Chocolate, but if I had to choose from above either Mocha with banana and almond butter or Vanilla and strawberries and cashew butter.

  20. Coconut almond sounds fantastic! I’d pair it with vanilla almond milk, shredded coconut, banana, spirulina, and a little bit of coconut peanut butter for an awesome protein shake!

  21. I just got my first tub of Vega One, the natural green flavor and I love it!! I pair it with spinach, berries, Greek yogurt and banana. I would love to win this prize because the cost of Vega One prevents me from using it as much as I would like.

  22. Oh, the possibilities! I would use unsweetened almond milk and add some a tiny bit of almond extract to the Mocha. The Coconut Almond sounds great on its own but I would use Greek yogurt and maybe some unsweetened toasted coconut add in. And the French Vanilla would be great with a bit of Greek yogurt and mixed berries. Yum!!

  23. Coconut Almond, French Vanilla and Vanilla Chai. I would have fun with the coconut Almond and pair it with some pineapple and Almond milk to make a puns colada.

  24. I use protein powder mostly in my morning oatmeal. I would love to try Vega One in natural so I can make savory oats or add to hot vegetables for dinner without dealing with a meat. Coconut Almond sounds delicious! And, Berry would be fun since most powders are chocolate or vanilla. Sometimes I add it to vanilla puddings for dessert, so that would be a fun change of pace.

  25. I love chocolate. I would mix the chocolate Vega with a frozen banana, kale, flaxseeds, and peanut butter. YUMMM!!!

  26. I have always been a fan of the French Vanilla Vega One products! Super excited to try the Mocha!! Mix with Almond milk.

  27. My three favorites would be French Vanilla, Chocolate and Coconut Almond. You can pair a banana with any of those and berries would go great with the French Vanilla and the coconut almond.

  28. French Vanilla and Coconut Almond sound yummy to me. I would pair them with cherries or pomegranate with chia seeds.

  29. Mocha (frozen coffee cubes and cashew milk), Chocolate (frozen banana, pb and cashew milk) and Coconut almond (greek yogurt, almond milk and unsweetened coconut)!
    Thanks for the great giveaway : )

  30. Most appealing is chocolate, vanilla, coconut almond. Chocolate I would blend with along milk and a banana, vanilla I would pair with a banana and almond milk, and coconut almond I would pair with pineapple and water. Yum

  31. Chocolate (banana, pb, almond milk, ice cubes)
    Vanilla (banana, almond milk, flax and hemp seeds, mixed berries)
    French vanilla (orange juice, banana, almond milk, chia seeds)

  32. As a vegan, I use it all the time in my smoothie… Very good quality. In fact, it’s the only one we buy. The price is very reasonable.

  33. French Vanilla sounds amazing with some unsweetened almond milk or dark chocolate almond milk. Mocha would work too! Maybe add some frozen blueberries or strawberries too!

  34. I am traditionally a fan of vanilla protein powder because it blends in with so many other flavors and does not over power; however, with this brand I think I would vary it up. 1. Chocolate with frozen strawberries and coconut milk, maybe some PB for a fun, dessert like smoothie post workout. 2. Coconut Almond with frozen pineapple, oat flour and some coconut milk for a breakfast style pina colada. 3. Vanilla Chai or French Vanilla with orange, strawberry and coconut milk for a healthier orange julius.