Birthday Giveaway: HexClad Cookware

It’s still our birthday week! And this is one hot way to celebrate, right here.

Have I told you guys about one of the best additions to my kitchen as of late? Earlier this winter, HexClad sent me a 10-inch pan so I could check it out before including it in our gift guide and, when I tell you it made me want to throw out all my other pans and start over with a set from them, I’m not lying.

hexclad pan

The HexClad pattern isn’t just for looks, although it is pretty — it gives you a stainless steel kind of functionality, but nothing sticks to it (at least, not much, and if it does stick a little, it cleans off really easily).

Other neat facts: It’s PFOA free, oven safe to 500°, scratch resistant, dishwasher safe, safe to use with metal utensils, has stay-cool metal handles, nonstick inside and out, and offers a lifetime warranty.

And now, you’ve got a chance to win one of your own!

(Although, before you enter this giveaway, maybe you wanna check out what else we’re giving away for our birthday!)

All you have to do is comment below answering the following question (and we’ll randomly select a U.S. winner in a week):

What’s your biggest kitchen pet peeve? Mine has to be a tie between dull knives (UGH) and food sticking to my pans despite using oil. Like, I want my whole egg, not just the bits that didn’t get stuck to the pan, thank you very much! Kristen

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  1. I would have to completely agree with you on the pet peeve of oil/grease/food being stuck to cooking pots and pans. Ugh! Which leads to needing extra time to soak the dish before being able to clean it and put it away.

  2. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is when recipes don’t provide ingredient lists in practical order. Oh great, I need a tablespoon of Honey, measured / added.. oh, now I need a tablespoon of baking powder – time to wash and completely dry the measuring spoons.

  3. I just bought a new non-stick pan and even though I put oil or spray in the pan it still sticks! Drives me nuts!

  4. My biggest pet peeve is entirely of my own making: countertop clutter! I enjoy using so many spices and vinegars that my countertops are constantly populated with bottles and shakers, reducing the room I have for chopping, prepping, etc. I need more space or more discipline in getting everything put away!

  5. My biggest are ingredients not in order on a recipe, having to chop onions, and my very sensitive cook top that will have the water boiling nicely until you turn your back then over boil.

  6. A couple of years ago I bought all new stainless steel pots and pans and things stick alot and they do not clean up well. Would love to try this out maybe in need of a new set.

  7. I have two big pet peeves. First one is not having sharp knives. Nothing more frustrating than trying to cut a tomato with a dull knife!!! Second pet peeve is having things stick to a skillet no matter how much you oil, butter, grease, etc…. it!!!!

  8. My pet peeve is my husband not cleaning up as he goes as he cooks. Love that he cooks, but it drives me crazy.

  9. my biggest pet peeve in the kitchen is when people use the wrong utensils when they could use the right one to get the job done more effectively such as when people use a fork or spoon to cut a cake or pie.

  10. My biggest kitchen pet peeve…my teenager leaves crumbs and spills on the countertops daily. It used to drive my Mom crazy, now I understand.

  11. Definitely food sticking to my pans. The worst is when my egg muffins stick to the muffin tin. Grrrr!!!

  12. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is when other people criticize my methods– Let me do what I know works for me!
    Happy birthday FBE!

  13. My kitchen pet peeve is there is never enough room when I’m cooking, chopping, storing, etc. I can never finds things easily either since they’re jam-packed. Oh to have more space or maybe just better organization in my small kitchen!

  14. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is utensils moving on their own to prevent me from easily opening drawers when I need a cooking utensil!

  15. I don’t like the smells that linger after cooking a meal. I don’t want to walk in the house and smell my lentil soup from lunch or the chicken from dinner. I need a good way to neutralize odors (sounds like a commercial!).

  16. My biggest kitchen pet peeve – my white laminate counters! Clearly a masochist designed my kitchen.

  17. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is when the trash bag doesn’t get replaced after being emptied! It’s the worst!!!!

  18. My kitchen pet peeve is not being able to find the utensils I need in my drawers! Sometimes they all clump together and what I need gets stuck in the back. Arg!

  19. My biggest pet peeve is people emptying bowls/plates into the sink and not using the stopper to catch all the food bits. Whether at work or at home, I somehow end up cleaning it all up–hopefully before the sink clogs.

  20. My biggest kitchen peeve is that there is no one to cook fabulous healthy meals for me. I have to do it myself!

  21. My biggest pet peeve is dirty dishes after cooking. I wish I had it in me to wash as I go, but I am not as organize as I should be when cooking to allow me to do this. My other pet peeve would be not having the spices you need to cook certain dishes because I forgot to add to my shopping list when I used the last bit of spice, yea I know, lol.

  22. I would love to win this pan. My pet peeve is the non stick coating coming up off my old pans. The oddest thing is that I can’t seem to let them go. Maybe this will be a way to have a small service for my old pans and welcome a newer safer pan into my life. Closure is tough.

  23. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is doing the dishes. I love prepping, cooking, eating, but I never want to do the clean up! Anything to make this easier (like a good non-stick pan) makes me so happy!

  24. Mine would have to be food sticking to the pan. I am really hoping to find the right set of cookware that will not stick.

  25. It’s when my pressure oil machine don’t work as is suppose to be… Wow it’s frustrating… Open the cover, put more oil than I want.