It’s Good to Be Extra Grainy

Do you like bread? I like bread.

(I’m just like Eddie Izzard. Except I am not an executive transvestite. Five virtual cookies to anyone who followed that reference without having to watch the video … and if you do need to watch it, you’ll catch my meaning right at the end of the clip below.)

That said, I’m a little picky about what bread I eat. I like my bread to have some substance to it. Seeds! Nuts! Texture! Yes! Basically, if I can actually see that my slice is packed with some nutritious goodies, I’m a pretty happy camper.

No surprise, then, that the Arnold Extra Grainy Breads were a pretty big hit, right?

arnold extra grainy bread

When Arnold Bread contacted me about checking out their three new breads — 17 Grains & Seeds, Cracked Wheat & Oats and Flax & Sesame Seed, they billed it as a great option for fueling a run (or an awesome recovery snack for afterward). When I don’t have time to whip up a smoothie before a morning workout, a slice of toast with some nut butter is one of my faves, so, well, I was sold on trying it right away. The fact that these varieties pack between 11 and 18 grams of whole grains in each slice? Even better. (You know how I like getting my whole grains on.)

Turns out all three are totally delish, but my favorite was definitely the 17 Grains & Seeds. For one thing, the nutritionals are just fantastic: 18g whole grains, 4g fiber, 5 g protein, only 2g sugar and 110 calories in each slice. But the bigger deal to me is the fact that those grains and seeds are obvious — they give the bread a really satisfying texture, not to mention the fact that they make it really flavorful. The slices are fairly thin, but because of all that texture, a single slice still feels pretty hearty — and it doesn’t do a sad flop when you top it with nut butter. You know what I mean. Nobody digs that.

What kind of bread do you keep on hand? We almost always have two kinds in our house because my husband and I don’t agree on what makes a bread delicious. Kristen

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  1. I’ve just spent almost an hour catching up on Eddie Izzard clips and fashion, so thank you for that! And I might also try this bread.

  2. I’m in awe of this bread, really stunned at how this bread has benefitted me health wise. All my life I’ve lived on laxatives to have a bowel movement. If i don’t take laxative I don’t go, straight up. I saw publix had a buy one get one free on this bread so I thought I’d try it. I loved the taste and texture, real grains that tasted raw n untoasted. Then I noticed a few days after I started going every morning after I eat this bread, “what”?. Amazed!!! I’m super excited ! For me this is a miracle. Oh I bought six lest I go back and there’s none on the shelf. Eat this bread religiously every day.