Is It Time to Watch ‘Elf’ Yet?

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We’re definitely hitting the holiday season. How do I know? For one thing, I literally ate pumpkin or pumpkin spice-flavored foods for an entire day recently … and I wasn’t even trying. Plus, the holiday/Christmas movies are calling my name. Also? I can’t quite focus on anything — I’m constantly thinking ahead to what’s next, what’s coming, and what do I need to do for it.


It’s maybe a little exhausting. And I am pretty sure it’s not just happening to me. So! Here are a few relaxing, intriguing and informative links to occupy your mind while you pretend to put those TPS reports together.

Links to Read Before Elf Starts

Addicted to sparky water? It’s probably because science.  —Munchies

What you need to know if you’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time … or the second, or the tenth… —In Good Taste

Also, just in case you don’t actually know what “carving a turkey” entails, here are pictures! —POPSUGAR Food

Bet you never thought about pairing your Chex with salmon … but we’re pretty certain you will now! —Eating Bird Food

Food labels are confusing. Think this is the solution? —Mic

No. More. Egg. Whites. EVERRRR! —Time

You’d better believe we’re picking up a copy! —FakeFoodFree

So, my go-to holiday movie is Love, Actually — which I know is a divisive choice. What’s yours? —Kristen

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