Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With These Fruity Treats

In the dessert spectrum, there’s a lot of room for fluctuation. You’ve got your bowl of strawberries on one end, and chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream on the other. So, when I get a craving for dessert after dinner, I try to check in with myself and see what it is I really want. If it’s just that I want something sweet to signify the end of a meal, often a piece of fruit does the trick beautifully. But yeah, sometimes, I want chocolate (or caramel, or apple pie …) — and in that case, I try to make a mindful choice that satisfies the craving, and then I take my time, enjoying every bite.

Landing somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, we have fruity snacks that are a little bit processed, but probably still a more healthful choice than a handful of dark chocolate chips. Here are a couple that were recently sent our way for a tasty little review.

dole mixations fruit snacks

Dole Mixations

These new fruit cups come in several fun flavors: Pineapple Peach Apple, Pineapple Mango, Apple Strawberry, and Apple Raspberry. Each contains a mix of fruit sauce (like applesauce — not as strange as it sounds at first!) and real fruit bites. The coolest thing, in my mind, is that they don’t require refrigeration, so you can take them with you anywhere; however! If you pop ’em in the freezer, you get a frozen, kind of slushie-type treat. Each cup has 14 to 15 grams of sugar, and actual fruit is listed at or near the top of each one’s ingredient list.


JELL-O Simply Good

Okay, so JELL-O isn’t exactly new to the sweet snacking game, but they have a new line of products featuring all natural ingredients, meaning the gelatin dessert and instant pudding mixes are made with things like real fruit juice, vanilla bean, banana and cocoa, and no artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives are used. The fruity gelatin flavors (Strawberry, Orange Tangerine, Pineapple Orange and Mixed Berry) and the puddings (Vanilla Bean, Banana, Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate) remain true to the consistency and familiar flavors kids and adults dig, but ditched the artificial stuff that nobody wanted (as they learned when they asked kids for their feedback in their Delightfully Honest campaign).

Is there a specific type of treat you always crave when you want dessert? I know lots of people are all chocolate, all the time, but I would almost always rather have ice cream. Kristen

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