Why You Should Eat More Colorfully

America’s affinity for fast, quick, cheap eats has led people to the chip and cookie aisles — leading to a very “beige” diet that lacks so many of the nutrients our body needs.

The term “eat the rainbow” isn’t just a fun little saying (and it doesn’t refer to colorful candy … at least around here). There’s a reason it’s frequently said by nutritionists and health experts, and it can be said with one word: phytochemicals. These substances occur naturally only in plants and work together with antioxidants to provide what we need to fight various diseases and cancer. What better reason to consume a colorful diet than to improve our health?

Reasons (and Ways) to Eat the Rainbow

And if you find all the information out there a little overwhelming, this infographic from eReplacementParts breaks it down for you — covering the health benefits of eating different colored foods and which colors have which nutrients.

Source: eReplacementParts.com

Challenge yourself to include one new fruit or veggie in your diet each week. You might be surprised how easy it is and, who knows, you might find a new favorite snack!

Do you find yourself struggling to “eat the rainbow?” Which colors do you find easy to eat enough of, and which ones are more challenging? —Erika



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