Would You Go Sober for a Month? A Reason to Consider Sober October

sober october

I really enjoy my tasty adult beverages. Usually in moderation, but occasionally in excess (although always safely — Uber is my favorite).

Occasionally, I’ll make a point to go for a week or two without any alcohol. Often, it’ll be when I’m gearing up for a big race — it’s sort of a way to put my game face on — but other times, it’s just a way for me to reset what feels “normal.” When so many of my typical evening activities revolve around some sort of workout followed by a drink (or three), having a couple of glasses of wine or some beer after work every single night starts to feel more normal than I’d really like.

Now — pretend I’ve inserted a graceful and charmingly witty segue here — there’s a cool, feel-good reason to consider going dry for the month of October: it can raise money for a good cause. Sober October is a campaign encouraging people to abstain from alcohol for the full month to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, which is a UK organization that supports cancer patients and their families in all kinds of ways.

Macmillon points out that, aside from the fundraising aspect, there are other benefits to staying off the sauce — better sleep, more energy, you save money … you get the idea. So, really, it’s certainly something to consider.

Let’s hear it — if you’re someone who typically enjoys alcohol in moderation (at least most of the time), would you consider going dry for a full month? If so, would a cause like Sober October be the impetus or would it be for another reason? —Kristen

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