Want to Eat Healthier? How to Break Bad Habits

If you could magically break one less-than-healthy food habit, what would it be? Late night snacking? Lack of water? Even those of us who typically eat pretty healthfully can sometimes use a reminder on how to break bad habits that creep in … like mindlessly snacking on the almonds sitting on my desk as I sit here typing. Ahem. Yeah — we can all use some help now and again.

The folks at Consolidated Foodservice came up with a pretty darn handy infographic all about how to break bad habits … at least when it comes to healthy eating. The best part? These are simple, reasonable, actionable fixes you can incorporate today. No time like the present to start, right?

how to break bad habitsConsolidated Foodservice

Right, so now that we’ve talked about how to break bad habits, let’s talk about what you’re awesome at. What’s a healthy eating habit you’re really proud of? I’m kind of a rock star at being hydrated. I mean, just try to find me without a water bottle or sparky water in my hand. Like, ever. Kristen

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