Did You Say Pumpkin AND Ginger?

pumpkin and ginger

I’ve been tossing large hunks of ginger into my smoothies for years now — I love the way it gives all kinds of flavor combinations a little bit of a spicy kick. And pumpkin? Who doesn’t love creamy, savory pumpkin in smoothie form? Nobody, that’s who.

Except maybe this little cutie.

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Plus, pumpkin and ginger are both hella good for you. Ginger is great for digestion and helps reduce inflammation, while pumpkin is packed with antioxidants and vitamins, not to mention the fact that it’s wildly versatile.

So it really only makes sense to get the health benefits of pumpkin and ginger all together in a smoothie, right? Right! And this gingered pumpkin smoothie recipe from Dr. Drew Ramsey, author of Eat Complete, includes both ingredients plus a few others that might surprise you. (Seriously, when have you ever added pepper to a smoothie?)

Have we piqued your interest? Get the gingered pumpkin smoothie recipe you’re craving over at Fit Bottomed Zen! —Kristen


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