The Snack Olympian April Ross Keeps in Her Bag

For most of my life, the conversations about food — both with other people and the ones I had with myself — mostly revolved around what I shouldn’t eat. I focused on “bad” foods I should limit or eliminate entirely, and I was always on the lookout for the newest way to eat everything I wanted without gaining weight.

Not a healthy relationship with food for someone who considered herself an athlete from almost the time she could walk, huh?

Interestingly, although my attitude toward food and nutrition was already shifting for the better in a big way, it was my first major bout of TMJ that really changed things for me. I was put on a liquid diet (which was fine with me — I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to get solid food in without considerable pain anyway) at the exact same time that I started ramping up training for my first long-course triathlon. For the first time in my life, I really had to put some effort into making sure I was getting enough — enough protein, enough calories, enough food, period.

april ross

Now, while that might seem like an awesome problem to have, for those competing at the elite level, the struggle is indeed real. And we got to hear a little bit about that firsthand in our latest episode of The Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast with Olympic beach volleyball super stud April Ross. She shared the snack that she always keeps in her gym bag as well as some pretty powerful thoughts on body image, productivity and the importance of strong female relationships.

Get the full interview (plus some fun chats about our fave Olympic sports) here or below!

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