4 Inspired Layered Smoothie Ideas

I would not say that I’ve been in a smoothie rut, but I have been making, more or less, the same three smoothies over and over. Having my go-to smoothie recipes makes life easy — I don’t have to think too hard as I’m pulling ingredients out of the cabinets and freezer — but it doesn’t mean I’m not open to new and tasty smoothie ideas.

smoothie idea

And I would say that layering a couple of smoothies definitely counts as a new and tasty smoothie idea.

To give credit where it’s due, I have to say that I initially got the idea from Numi Organic Tea — they’d teamed up with Jerry James Stone to create a layered smoothie recipe using their teas that sounds seriously awesome … but I basically had none of the right ingredients on hand and, well, I was hungry. Bordering on hangry, in fact. Time was of the essence. Shit was about to get real if I didn’t eat, like, immediately.

So, I improvised! First, I made a small smoothie from OJ, fresh ginger, frozen mango and frozen pineapple (along with a bit of vanilla protein powder and some chia seeds). I poured that in a glass, then whipped up a little frozen strawberry, frozen peach and coconut water smoothie and poured it on top. Pretty and delicious.

And … inspiring.

More Layered Smoothie Ideas

Layered smoothie ideas started hitting me from all sides. I could make a PB&J layered smoothie, with one layer of bananas, nut butter and almond milk, and a top layer of mixed berries and coconut water. Or I could create a peanut butter cup one, starting off with frozen acai, chocolate protein powder, cacao bits and almond milk and topping it off with a nut butter smoothie. And how good would a layer of cucumber, apple, kale and ginger be with a tart raspberry and lemon topper?

Basically, if the possibilities are endless for smoothie combos (and they seriously are), those possibilities are only multiplied when you start layering that good stuff.

What combo would you put together? I might be trying the PB&J tomorrow morning, I won’t lie. Kristen


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