So Fresh and So Spring: Flavors for the Season

I talk a lot about how certain foods and flavors just go perfectly with specific times of the year. Pumpkin in October, gingerbread in December, peaches in July — you get the idea.

Now, when I think of late spring and early summer, the words that come to mind are fresh, crisp, sweet and light. It’s right around this time of year when I begin to positively crave my avocado, strawberry, goat cheese and spinach salad, but that’s not the only thing I’m ready to nosh on! Here are a few things tickling my taste buds right now.

chobani spring flavors

Chobani Rio-Inspired Limited Batch Guava Greek Yogurt

I eat a lot of Greek yogurt, and while I’m a big fan of using plain Greek yogurt and adding my own fruit or toppings, I’m not ashamed to admit that I always have a few flavored single serving cups in the fridge for times when I’m in a hurry (or just out of fresh fruit). Chobani Greek Yogurt, a Team USA Olympic partner, has a few limited batch flavors in stores now (and available throughout the summer, or as long as supplies last), and the blended Guava? Oh man. It’s a little sweet, a bit tart, and just feels like sunshine.

The other flavors are really tasty, too — my husband and I both enjoyed the blended Watermelon (especially with some blueberries sprinkled in there!), and the Mango Passion Power “Flip” with a mix of pie crust pieces and Brazil nuts in a separate compartment, was a serious treat.

spring flavors seltzer

Spindrift Blackberry Seltzer

It’s no secret that I have feeeelings about sparkling water, and the latest brand to land in my fridge is Spindrift — specifically, their blackberry seltzer, which is made with whole, crushed blackberries. So, yes, that means it has some calories and sugar (because, you know, fruit has those things). But, unless you’re chugging four at a time, there’s not enough there to really be concerned about.

Plus? It comes in cans (as well as bottles), which makes it kind of perfect for sipping poolside (because you know how I feel about glass on the pool deck!).

citrus zinger

Citrus Zinger

So, what if you have your own fresh fruit and want to flavor regular ol’ flat water with it … on the go? Just zing it! (Is that a real verb? Whatever, I don’t care — I love it and am going to start using it liberally.) The Citrus Zinger allows you to pop half a citrus fruit in the bottom, attach it to the rest of the bottle and enjoy a fresh hit of juice right into your water.

This is something I’ve done plenty at home — I just get out my old school citrus juicer, make some juice, and pour it in — but being able to do it all in one bottle? Super handy, especially if you’re at work or on the road without access to additional tools. Plus, the Zing Anything pack that I got has separate attachments for cucumber and kiwi!

truly sparkling

Truly Colina Lime

Looking for a summer-ready drink that’s even more interesting? Check out Truly Spiked and Sparkling’s Colima Lime. It’s low in calories and carbs, tastes light and refreshing — a little bit tart, which, clearly, I’m into since this is the second time I’ve mentioned tartness — and has 5 percent alcohol (similar to a light beer). It also comes in Grapefruit & Pomelo and Pomegranate, just in case lime isn’t your fave flavor.

What flavors evoke spring or summer in your mind? —Kristen

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  1. I’ll be looking for the yogurt flavors today. They sound really good. The other things will also be on my radar.