How to Eat Belgian Waffles and Not Bust Your Food Calorie Budget

Like most folks, I’m on a calorie budget. Not that I have a precise allowance set aside for my daily eats, but I have a general idea of what it takes for me to stay healthy and happy.

But I also eat what I want. Pizza, ice cream, fettuccine alfredo — you name it — if my little heart so desires, trust me, it will happen! So how is it that I’m able to have my cake and eat it too? I budget.

The trick is compromise and it works the same for all budgets. More window-shopping and less actual shopping means more cash to spend on something else, like a vacation. It’s a matter of priority.

My calorie budget doesn’t require a spreadsheet or a bunch of number crunching, only a little pre-planning.

My Common Sense Calorie Budget in Action


The Waffler, a food truck that sells traditional Gaufres de Liege, or Belgian style waffles, was scheduled to be in the neighborhood on Sunday morning. And, of course, I had to go.

Made with loads of butter, beet sugar, eggs and white flour, this European street food is definitely an indulgence. Those who have sampled the yeasty waffle claim it is so mouthwateringly delicious that it needs no toppings.

So I went, and I wasn’t disappointed. The Gaufres de Liege is everything they say and more. Part pastry, part brioche; soft and tender on the inside with a caramelized sugar crunch on the outside. That day, The Waffler offered an almond variety coated with crunchy, sugary nuts as well as a traditional option dusted with sugar and cinnamon.


It was a fabulous way to break up my Sunday morning routine. Plus, it helped support a local merchant and the community: The Waffler donates all of his tips to local charities. Nice touch!

Do I do this every Sunday? No. Did I eat two of them, even though it was mighty tasty? No. Would I do it again? You bet. The Waffler’s menu rotates: cappuccino, dark chocolate, Red Velvet and, get this — maple bacon!

The Compromise

Although that Belgian style waffle was delicious, it could hardly be described as nutrient dense, and, predictably, an hour later I was hungry. But I had planned ahead. We ran errands after our morning outing to create a distraction from our rumbling stomachs and, once home, devoured a decidedly healthier lunch.

The Misconception

Like all Fit Bottomed Girls, I do eat what I want and there are no forbidden foods. But, good health doesn’t happen by chance. I consciously make a food choice, enjoy it to the fullest and then move on.

My life is not waffle-free. I routinely make whole grain waffles at home, but once in a while a little bit (or a lot) of butter, sugar and white flour ain’t gonna kill me.

Has anyone ever had the opportunity to sample an authentic Belgian-born Gaufres de Liege? —Karen


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  1. Nice write up.. but it doesn’t really answer the question posed in the title. Maybe next time give us a healthy recipe to make Belgian waffles at home?