Baking Tips: How to Use Vanilla


If you bake — like, at all, even a little — you probably know that vanilla is a rather common ingredient. But what you might not know is that not all vanilla is created equal. In fact, the truth is that the type of vanilla you use can have a major impact on the results of your baking effort!

Should you use beans or extract? Can you get away with the imitation stuff or is it necessary to go with the real deal? If you’re serious about baking a quality dish — and if you’re putting the time and effort into baking a recipe from scratch, I’m guessing you’re at least semi-serious — these are the questions you need answers to.

Happily, our pals at Grokker have a helpful video featuring pastry chef Emily Luchetti full of tips for baking with vanilla. Give it a watch — it’s only three minutes long — and then be sure to let us know whether you see a difference the next time you bake with this key ingredient!

What’s your favorite recipe including this ingredient? —Kristen


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