A Ridiculously Easy Way to Cook Eggs

how to cook eggsYou know when you come across an idea so simple yet so brilliant that it changes your life? And makes you almost mad with how much time you’ve lost (oh, the extra dishes I’ve washed and time I’ve spent!) not knowing said idea? Yeah, that’s exactly what happened when I followed a recipe for one-skillet supper with asparagus, eggs and furikake from Nom Nom Paleo’s cookbook the other day. Because when it comes to how to cook eggs, it is the EASIEST way I’ve ever found. And, you cook asparagus at the same time.

Genius. I know!

Whether or not you have the cookbook (which, do get the cookbook — it’s fabulous), the whole idea is easy. Simply heat up your cast iron skillet with oil or your choice or ghee until it’s sizzling. Then remove from the heat and throw in your asparagus, tossing to coat. Move the asparagus to one side of the pan. Crack your eggs directly into the pan, then season with salt and pepper. Pop under the preheated broiler in the oven (get four to six inches from the top) and cook until the eggs are how you like them (3 to 4 minutes for me). Then season with furikake if you have it (we just used seasoned seaweed salt) and lemon juice if you want (we skipped this).

It seriously takes five to 10 minutes and comes out delicious. The asparagus is crisp-tender and bright but full of rich umami flavor, and the eggs are glorious. Cooked whites and runny yolks, just how I like ’em. Seriously, the easiest and best way how to cook eggs (and asparagus) that I’ve tried … maybe ever. Great on a lazy morning or for a rushed night when you need to get something on the table — and fast.

Do you have a favorite way to cook eggs? Only having one pan to clean for this dish makes me so very, very happy.Jenn


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