Tailor-Made Eats


what intuitive eating looks likeFit Bottomed Girls come in all shapes and sizes and thankfully so do their daily eats, especially for those who focus on intuitive eating. I couldn’t possibly subsist without my starchy carbs, but somebody else might feel better limiting herself to just a few. No wonder diet books fail so miserably!

That’s not to say that I never eat a meal without carbohydrates, but more often than not, when I consume a meal that is lacking in those wonderfully delicious carbs, an hour or so later I’m back at the feed trough.

Maybe the craving is only in my head or maybe my body is just wired that way. Whatever it is, I’ve found what works for me.


Yukon gold potato with cottage cheese.
Yukon gold potato with cottage cheese.

Today’s breakfast selection is none too pretty, but it provides the perfect balance of carbohydrates and protein to keep me energized all morning long. (This works great for lunch, too!)


Asparagus and mushroom quiche.
Asparagus and mushroom quiche.

I can eat quiche for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If it was breakfast I would have added some fruit, but to make this meal a little heartier I added a small salad of mixed greens and chopped green apple with honey vinaigrette. (Go crustless if you are limiting your carbs.)

Snack Time

Now that I work out in the morning, my late afternoon mini-meal is no longer a necessity and I’ve been sticking to three squares a day. If a craving does arise, a cup of herbal tea usually does the trick, which means I wasn’t really hungry at all. Old habits are hard to break.


Panko coated halibut, sautéed squash and almond rice pilaf.
Panko coated halibut, sautéed squash and almond rice pilaf.

Dinner is almost always a sit down occasion at our house. Yep, we’re talking placemats, glass dinner wear and clothe napkins. It requires a little planning, but it helps keep mealtime balanced and is a great way to find zen when you eat.

Everyone wants to know how to eat healthy; unfortunately there is no single answer that’s right for every single person. My day of eats may look a lot different than yours. After all, I’m not chasing after a bunch of kids and I’m not training for a marathon.

Fortunately, diversity is a beautiful thing. Take what you like and leave the rest!

Does your day of intuitive eating look anything like mine? —Karen


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