Now Here’s How to Celebrate National Chips and Dip Day

There is a day for everything. And while some of them are ridiculous (Race Your Mouse Day? Really?), I have to say, the food holidays? Well, I got no problem with those. Because when a day like today gives you a reason to eat chips and dips, I am all in, people. All in.

And this year I’m celebrating National Chips and Dip Day with some Skinny Dippers.

No. I’m not going skinny dipping. I’m eating the just debuted new line of baked chips from Beanitos, Skinny Dippers! After liking many of Beanitos chips for years (Those Puffs? OMG, so good), I’ve really been enjoying these oh-so light baked chips. Made from white and black beans and low in fat, they’re wonderfully airy and make for excellent receptacles for salsa, hummus and guac. Also fantastic in taco salads or soup. Because who doesn’t love some crunch?


I will warn you guys though, that because these are baked and low-fat, I found I had some, er, portion-control issues. They’re just so light that you just keep eating … and eating them. I mean, I’m not saying that normal potato chips exactly fill me up like, say, steak and potatoes, but these definitely had me going back and back. I found that pairing them with a little avocado or even some chicken (yay, nachos!) made them much satiating.

Now that you know how I’m celebrating National Chips and Dip Day, how will you celebrate? —Jenn


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