Birthday Giveaway: POM Wonderful Prize Pack

Healthy snacking is something we’re pretty darn passionate about around here, and, let’s be clear — the perfect snack needs to not only be nutritious, but also delicious. And if it’s handy, all the better!


All of those reasons (plus a few others) are why we totally dig POM Wonderful’s family of products. Their POM POMS, which are fresh, conveniently packaged pomegranate arils, are perfect for snacking on the go, while that POM 100% juice? Awesome for a little pre- or post-workout sippy sip with all those fab antioxidants. Of course, they’ve also got POM Teas that combine pomegranate juice with — you guessed it — tea; POM Blends, which are 100 percent juice blends combining pomegranate juice with other yummy 100 percent juices; and, you know, they also offer pomegranates themselves in case you’re more into making your own pomegranate creations.

To kick off our awesome week of birthday giveaways, we’ve got a POM Wonderful Prize Pack (worth $50!) up for grabs! This prize pack will include a Chef Series cookbook with 21 recipes, coupons, POM 100% juice and POM POMS. And it can be yours!

Want to win this primo POM Wonderful Prize Pack? Leave us a comment below telling us about what kind of workout you’re most likely to do right before you grab a POM 100% juice for your post-sweat session drink! U.S. only, please, and we’ll notify the winner next week via email! —Kristen

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  1. The kind of workout that I am most likely to do, right before I grab a POM 100% juice for your post-sweat session drink, is a barre3 studio workout. It’s a low-impact yet challenging workout that I love, and the POM juice would be a perfect post-workout beverage.

  2. I love to do outdoor bootcamp with Camp Gladiator!! I feel so great afterwards and I think that a drink with some yummy pom juice would hit the spot!!!

  3. I’m most likely to do a harder elliptical workout with some weights after right before I grab some POM. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I like to get in my cardio and strength training at one time with my awesome kettlebells. Right now I’m doing the #21DaysofSquats challenge with a group and Lauren Brooks. I would love a pomegranate drink right after my series of squats for the day. It’s quick, refreshing, and great for replacing my fluids after a workout.

  5. I’m most likely to start with cardiovascular o the elliptical and then do a full circuit training workout before I grabbed some post-workout Pom fuel!

  6. My #1 go-to workout is cycling. I ride really far – even in the heat. I love Pom Wonderful too.

  7. My workout to deserve a POM 100% Juice afterwards? UFX! If i’m going to kick my butt I want a nice post- workout treat!

  8. I would start off with a 1kg run to warm up then do some oblique training.
    30 star jumps
    50 Russian twists w/ 10kg plate
    30 side leg lifts each side
    20 lying leg lifts each side
    10 dumbbell side bends w/ 12.5kg dumbbell each side
    40 Russian twists w/ 10kg plate
    10 side plank rotations each side
    20 plank hip rotations
    20 star jumps
    40 Russian twists w/ 10kg plate
    50 bicycles
    15 side plank dips each side
    20 oblique crunches each side
    10 double legged side lifts each side
    10 dumbbell side bends w/ 12.5kg dumbbell each side
    60 russian twists w/ 10kg plate
    50 jumping jacks

  9. On an average, I walk 5-7 miles a day, 3-5 days a week. POM would be a great ending to my walking route.

  10. I’m most likely to get on my elliptical. The one I have at home isn’t fancy, but it works well enough and because it’s convenient, I’m more likely to exercise. Plus, it’s better on my not-so-great knees.

  11. Depending on what day it is I’m a GGX class junkie. So my workouts are done in a class setting. My favorites are Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Step, Body Attack and Grit Strength. POM would be wonderful to try on any day.