Healthy (and Super Delicious!) Pumpkin Swaps

‘Tis the season … for everything pumpkin! The problem with all those delectable pumpkin products? They’re often loaded with tons of sugar and calories, along with many other unwanted ingredients (and chemicals).

Lucky for us, Senior Dietitian Amanda Foti from Selvera Wellness mocked up some easy swaps to satisfy our cravings this holiday season.

Simple and Healthy Pumpkin Swaps


How easy (and genius) are those? Thanks, Amanda, for the healthy swaps! Who would’ve thought to top a bagel with pumpkin-y hummus instead of cream cheese? So smart. So easy. (So seriously happening in my house, like, tomorrow morning.)

For more ways to satisfy those festive gourd desires, click here. And, of course, there are other delicious flavors of fall out there, like these veggie recipes or this incredible cranberry dish. Also, if you’re looking to cut a few calories this Thanksgiving, we have some smart swaps for you to check out!

What’s your favorite pumpkin obsession? Mine is totally pumpkin bread.  —Erika


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