The Salad Hack That Will Change Your Life

salad-hack-585Who doesn’t love the big-ass salad? It’s an easy to fix green meal that’s wholesome, convenient and extremely versatile. Great as a first course, even better as a meal, it’ll give you a healthy dose of insoluble fiber, vitamins and … well, sometimes an overabundance of fat when you drown that leafy goodness in dressing!

Maybe I eat extraordinarily big salads, but one or two tablespoons (the suggested serving for most salad dressing) is barely a dribble. I always add more, sometimes too much more, and end up with a pool of wasted dressing in the bottom of my bowl.

But then a trip to a neighborhood lunch spot changed my life forever.

At The Mixx, I watched as the cook prepared my salad. He grabbed a stainless steel bowl the size of a kitchen sink and tossed in the ingredients. Brussels sprouts, arugula, dried cranberries, hickory smoked almonds, crispy bacon and Parmesan cheese — this was gonna be one kick-ass salad — followed by the tiniest trickle of Dijon vinaigrette.

My heart sank. Check that; this was gonna be one dry-ass salad. Bummer!

I paid for my lunch, grabbed a seat and took a bite. The salad was fantastic! Every sprout, leaf, nut and berry was impeccably coated. Not too little, not too much — it was the perfect symphony of flavors.

Amazed, I pondered this salad dressing conundrum; then it hit me, size does matter!

That extra-large bowl the cook used was key. The capacity allowed for some impressive tossing; the cook had really let those ingredients fly.

Even healthy fats, like olive oil, need to be consumed in moderation. So, now when I create a salad I use my biggest bowl for prep and then plate it for serving. Yes, it creates another dirty dish, but it’s well worth it.

Stainless steel probably isn’t a necessity, but the ingredients do slide around nicely in a stainless steel bowl, and vinaigrettes tend to work the best. Give this simple salad hack a shot and see if it doesn’t drastically reduce your salad dressing consumption … and change your life for the better!

Silly or sensational? Let me know what you think of this salad hack. Life changing might be a little strong, but if you eat as many salads as I do, it all adds up! —Karen


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