A Healthy Avocado Dip You’ve Gotta Try


Looking for a healthy dip that’ll taste like an indulgence? One that’ll provide you with loads of nutrition but hold its own when it comes flavor and crave-ability (totally a word)?

Look no further than this avocado dip! You know we love the great health, fitness and food videos over at Grokker, and in fact, we love ’em so much we went ahead and became Grokker affiliates! This video is just the start — we’re going to share more fantastic recipes, tips and how-tos from experts at Grokker going forward.

(Oh, and the healthy avocado dip recipe in this video? It’s from Natasha Corrett, founder of Honestly Healthy, and it’s so simple and tasty that we’ll be surprised if you don’t already have plans to whip some up by the time the two-minute flick is over.)

Healthy Avocado Dip Recipe

What’s your favorite use of avocado? I love it in a dip, but I sure do dig it grilled.Kristen


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