Design Your Own Protein Powder: 2 Options

designer-protein-585Ever wish you could design your own protein powder?

I have. Even though there are tons of protein powders out there, it’s sometimes hard to find one that is just right for you. You might want the protein source of one brand, the nutritionals of another and the added extras (kale powder, anyone?) of some other kind. (That said, this guide is pretty darn handy!) Well now, you can kind of do that … and we tried out two different options. I tested Mosaic Nutrition, and Kristen gave myMix Nutrition a shot.

Jenn’s Mosaic Experience

​Mosaic Nutrition reached out to me recently to see if I wanted to try its custom protein powder ($45). I shared my gender, age, weight, height, preferred flavor (peanut butter!) and “extras” for $10 more each — performance boost, repair and recovery, superfoods blend (the one I added), vitamins and minerals, and/or weight management. Then, in a few days, this arrived on my doorstep. It feels so friendly with my name on it and all, huh?


And here’s how my blend stacked up in the nutrition department. Lots of protein, no sugar — that’s how I like it! To the left is a note about the superfoods blend I added, which is a mix of organic fruits, veggies, sprouts and probiotic enzymes. Yum. (Mosaic Nutrition said they were going to begin offering Paleo and vegan options soon, too.)


Pretty fun, right? And the taste of mine was pretty mild. I first tried a scoop mixed with only water and blended with some ice, and it was creamy and kind of custard-y tasting without being sweet at all. I didn’t pick up on a lot of peanut butter flavor — it was pretty mild. Later, I tried it with some spinach, cocoa powder, quarter of a banana for just a touch of sweetness and an actual tablespoon of peanut butter. That was TOTALLY my jam. (And was much more filling.) While I wouldn’t call this protein powder 100 percent perfect for me (I’d love the option to add a little more fat to it and even some extra peanut butter flavor!), I’d certainly order it again. And having just the right serving size for me and my gender, age, height and weight was pretty darn awesome.


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  1. I’ve honestly never thought about the ability to design my own protein powder, and it’s great that you were able to bring this to light! Out of the two options, it almost seems like Jenn’s has more options to choose from and I like that they design it to your gender, age and weight. I like the option to choose your own flavor, add enhancers that are important to you and I’d mainly want to watch my carb and sugar intake as well.