Cravings: What They Mean (and How to Beat ‘Em)

food cravings

How do you handle a food craving? Do you see the food your body is screaming for as the enemy? And, if/when you indulge, how do you feel afterward? Satisfied (if only for now), or icky and overstuffed?

There are three main reasons for having a craving: psychological (think: emotional eating), biological (your body is actually signalling that it needs … something) and cyclical (hormones, seasons, age). And after finding herself in the McDonald’s drive-thru line yet again, FBG guest writer Shelby Humphreys decided to stop trying to fight the cravings and, instead, go with them to see what she could learn.

Her experiment gave her some pretty incredible insights, and she shared the three questions you should ask in order to beat a food craving over on Fit Bottomed Girls.

Do you know what tends to trigger food cravings most often for you? I definitely struggle with cyclical cravings — times of the year and certain situations always make me reach for foods I normally wouldn’t look twice at. Kristen


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