Best New Cookbooks for All of Your Healthy Living Goals


We are always on the lookout for the best cookbooks. The ones that inspire you, fuel you and make you want to cook something really, really good. We also love cookbooks that help us reach our healthy living goals — like indulging that sweet tooth without going overboard or fueling for that race. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of five new cookbooks that each help you to do something better. Check ’em out!

Goal: Eat less processed stuff


Best Cookbook: Real Fit Kitchen

If you rely on a lot of protein bars and sports drinks and gels to get you through long workouts and training sessions, this cookbook is so for you. Real Fit Kitchen is all about taking the processed stuff out and putting the real stuff back into your eats — without you spending forever and a day in the kitchen to do it. Written by two nutritionists (one for the Boston Red Sox!), they show you why common supplements and sports nutrition products may actually hinder your performance at the gym and how you can replace ’em with clean, homemade eats.


Goal: Get a handle on portion control


Best Cookbook: Dessert for Two 

Ever made a pan of brownies only to have them gone in the next day? Even though it’s just you at home? (Yeah, it’s okay. I just raised my hand, too.) Dessert for Two helps with portion control immensely because its pages are filled with recipes that are for — as the title suggests — just for two. We’re talking goodies like chocolate-chip cookies and red velvet cupcakes and cream puffs. They’re not light, but they are delicious. And there are only two of them! It’s pretty much the definition of “all good things in moderation.” Get a sneak peek of the goodies in the book with this adorable recipe!


Goal: Reduce inflammation


Best Cookbook: Nourish Paleo Healing Cookbook

Is it just us or is everyone talking about autoimmune issues these days? From celiac to MS to just boosting overall immunity and reducing inflammation, healing yourself with your food is a hot topic these days. And this cookbook is filled with amazing recipes that are considered paleo (no grains, legumes, dairy) and also help to improve your gut health.


Goal: Laugh more


Best Cookbook: Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen is everything you love from the popular website, all in book form. Filled with tons of recipes, it’s as delicious as it is hilarious. This trailer pretty much says it ALL. (Warning: explicit hilarious stuff.)

Goal: Be caveman with a sweet tooth (Hey, that’s a goal, right?)


Best cookbook: Sweet Paleo

Think dessert when you’re Paleo is only fruit? THINK AGAIN. Sweet Paleo shows that being Paleo is oh-so stinkin’ sweet. With grain- and dairy-free recipes for everything from tiramasu to cookies and pancakes, these desserts are rich, satisfying and totally nutrient-dense. Perfect for the sweet-loving caveman or woman in you.

What “best cookbooks” would be on your list — and what goals do they help you reach? This cookbook helped me pull this off. Jenn

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