Finding My Flatout Favorites

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Nobody loves celebrating tiny little wins more than I do. I won’t hesitate to yell out a “YES!!!” (with a fist pump) when I hit my goal distance on the rowing machine, regardless of the startled stares I get from my fellow gym goers, and I will high-five whomever happens to be walking by the kitchen if I pull out a cake that, you know, doesn’t look like this.

Basically, I relate to this a lot.

flatout proteinUP

Now, I knew that my recent move to a new city would prove to be challenging in a number of ways, and among them would be navigating my new supermarket (which, as you know, is something I both love and loathe). Happily, my new local store is one with which I’m very familiar — there’s a Publix about half a mile from my front door (and it’s such an easy bike ride that I have yet to drive an actual motor vehicle over there).

However, despite my serious familiarity with Publix stores in general, I still walked into this one and stopped short at the beginning of the produce section. It was like a bizarro-Publix. Things looked almost like they had in my old home store … but mixed up and twirled around and just not quite the same. There were flowers where I expected to see fresh loaves of crusty Cuban bread, and dog kibble where I thought I’d find coffee.

Still, there were a few things that were fairly easy to find: the produce section and the deli/bakery area. Which was handy, because in addition to picking up dinner in that area on my first night here, I also had to pick up a few essentials in there, like some ingredients for a big ass salad, some peaches (omg, they are so good right now), and some Flatout ProteinUP, which is now being carried at Publix (and — in case you didn’t already know — can be found with other Flatout products in the deli/bakery section, not the bread aisle).

Now, you might know where to find it in your local supermarket (Publix, Walmart, etc. — find your best option here), but you’ve also got a chance to win some in this giveaway!

Want to win some Flatout Bread of your own? Leave a comment below answering the following question, and we’ll select three U.S. winners to receive a variety pack of 10 Flatout Bread options, including ProteinUP!

What’s your favorite combination to include in a wrap? I truly love eggs, avocado, Greek yogurt and salsa. So filling, so good. Kristen


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  1. I like my wraps with chicken strips, lettuce and ranch dressing. Your idea sounds good as well, but I think I would leave out the yogurt!!

  2. I’m eating lunch reading blogs, and currently eating a Flatout with turkey, spinach, tomato, cucumber, and mustard wrap. It’s my go-to right now!

  3. I love chicken breast, avocado, black beans, bbq sauce and ranch dressing – all light of course

  4. I mush up black beans, not refried, and add them to green peppers and onions for crunch. I have to have onions in everything I think! I don’t usually have a sauce since it’s messy but dipped in plain Greek yogurt might be good!

  5. MY favorite flat out lunch is shredded chicken ,peas,a few grapes mixed with Greek yogurt & mustard

  6. I love getting my pizza fix in with ANY flatout I have on hand… garlic, cheese, olive oill onion, tomato and basil makes for an awesome white pizza! Just bake the regular flatouts for a few minutes b4 topping for optimal results