Munch It Monday: Make a Meal With Tons of Superfoods

Earlier this month we asked you to munch on some superfoods, and the April Fit Bottomed Challenge for today (and for the rest of the week if you’re game!) is to make a meal with as many superfoods as you can. Which we thought was pretty fun. It’s kinda like a game — cue cheesy announcer voiceover: How many can you squeeze into a meal?


(Haven’t heard of the Fit Bottomed Challenge yet? It’s totally free and fun. Download and/or print the full April 2015 calendar here.)

Munch It Monday, April 20

Turns out, a lot! While we won’t stifle your fit foodie creativity, here are a few general ideas to get you started!

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Again, the best part of this Munch It Monday challenge is that you get to have fun with it and be creative. So whip a creation of your very own and share a photo of it with us on Instagram (we’re @FitBottomedEats)! —Jenn


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