Healthy Meal Delivery Review, Part Two: BistroMD

Who’s ready for another edition of let’s-review-another-healthy-meal-delivery-service-so-that-I-have-food-to-eat-with-a-baby, part deux? You are? Yeah! Me, too. Up today: BistroMD.

Now, full disclosure (besides the fact that, yep, they sent me a bunch of food to try for free): BistroMD is all about giving you meals to help you lose weight. Which, although, yes, I do have a few pounds to lose, no, it is not my top priority as I’m breastfeeding and have higher nutritional needs. So, for this review, BistroMD hooked me up with gluten-free meals and some extra snacks and dessert to meet my specific caloric needs (hooray!).

The whole concept around BistroMD is that they make losing weight easy. All of the frozen meals they send you are made with natural ingredients and are said to help you drop pounds without starving. A seven-day program will run you about $180 and a five-day program goes for about $150. And they all come in a big ol’ box, packaged with dry ice.


The first BistroMD meal I tried was breakfast. Man, I love a good protein-rich meal to start the day. And the Western Egg Scramble sounded delicious.


Even frozen, it looked pretty tasty. Eggs + “Cowboy Caviar” for the win.


And it really was good. Simply microwave and, boom, breakfast. Totally filling, warm and delicious. Compared to Freshly, it didn’t have quite as much seasoning and flavor, and the eggs were a touch rubbery, but still really good for a frozen meal (and I’d hate for this meal to have any more sodium than it already does).


Up next, another entree: Chicken Breast Stuffed with Apples and Cherries.


I was psyched to see quinoa in there and Brussels sprouts.


Although the sauce came out a little watery and the Brussels sprouts were a little limp, the flavor was good, and the meal was filling. I appreciated that they gave you quite a few veggies! Really, my only complaint with this one is that I didn’t really get much apple and cherry flavor. I really, really love cherries, so that bummed me out a bit — but, still, the meal was good. I just got excited about the cherries and missed their cherry goodness.


I also tried the Green Chile and Shredded Pork with Roasted Southwest Style Salsa.


And it was my fave of the entrees!


I may have eaten it with tortilla chips … and it was simply divine. Filling, high-protein, flavorful. It was everything you want in a meal.


BistroMD also sent me a gluten-free snack bar that was kind of your run-of-the-mill protein bar. Definitely tasty and chocolaty with some rice crisps in it, but nothing extraordinary. That said, I scarfed it down.


But the protein gelato they sent as a dessert?


The vanilla gelato that had less than 200 calories, 15 grams of protein and was a tasty sweet treat with a clean ingredient list?


Yeah, that I LOVED. It was the perfect way to end the day.


All in all, my BistroMD meals left me feeling energized, full and satisfied. I didn’t feel like it was “diet” food at all — just healthy and clean meals that were convenient, fast, fresh and filling. The entrees were a touch light on the seasoning side for me (I am an herb and hot sauce addict though, so … ), but overall, I really, really enjoyed everything I ate. It was totally tasty fare that you wouldn’t even know was lower-calorie and gluten-free. I would totally recommend it!

Up next in the healthy-meal-delivery-service-review series … Pete’s Paleo! —Jenn


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  1. If I could leave fewer than 1 star I would definitely. My boyfriend and I were so excited about Bistro MD, we thought this would help us achieve our goal of eating better and healthier. I read online about the dietician and all the help that you were to receive from this site. However, when we ate the first dinner we both took two bites, looked at each other and knee we could not finish the meal. We couldn’t make out if the side was potato or what is was but it DID NOT taste nor have the consistency of potato. The food (including the one lunch I tried) had NO FLAVOR at all. I have eaten at places for those on a special diet and this wasn’t even close to any taste I have ever experienced (not in a good way). This was beyond disappointing and neither of us would ever recommend this to anyone (even those we don’t like) to try. STAY CLEAR!!!!