3 Protein Pancakes to Try

One of the best things in life is breakfast. And one of the best parts of breakfast is pancakes. And these protein pancakes? Well, yeah, we can’t get enough of them. Full of muscle-building and stick-to-your-ribs protein, they’re like a treat with benefits. So, yes, you can totally have your pancakes and eat them, too. Wait that’s not how the saying goes? It is now!


1. ProCakes

Our fave foods are delicious, healthy and filling, and these protein pancakes fit that bill. ProCakes were developed by Caren Magill. After wanting a healthier protein pancake that actually filled her up while she was training for a fitness competition, she decided to create her own! And they’re pretty awesome. ProCakes are gluten-free with a nice balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats. And they taste great. Slather ’em in almond butter and a little honey for a fabulous breakfast, snack or brinner!

2. FlapJacked

Susan reviewed these awhile back, and while they didn’t win our Food Fight at the time, we still like them for easy protein-pancake making. In fact, I like to cook up a whole package or two of these protein pancakes at one time, freeze them and then nosh on them for quick breakfasts and snacks. They cook up super light and fluffy, and although they take a decent amount of syrup for that “real pancake” experience, they’re not bad with a little pumpkin butter or jam in a pinch.

3. Wholesome Chow

If you want vegan protein pancakes, these are pretty darn great. As our previous in-depth review said, they are a little thick and biscuit-like, but the denseness of them makes them super filling. I’ve played around with eating them with more savory toppings like crumbled up bacon and eggs (even tried them as a short little breakfast sandwich where the pancakes are the bread) and they’re really quite tasty. Plus, they’re also organic, gluten-free and have sprouted protein in them. Pretty. Darn. Good.

Do you like to make your own protein pancakes? Or prefer buying a pre-made mix like the ones above? I generally have a package or two of at least a couple of the above on hand for when protein-pancake cravings strike! —Jenn


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