Fit Bottomed Challenge: Make a New Recipe That Embraces Your Food Resolution

Now that you’re into your third week of the Fit Bottomed Challenge (if you have no idea what we’re talking about, get the deets how you can get involved — it’s not too late to start and it’s totally free — here!), that food resolution you set in Week 1 should be feeling pretty darn like a habit. And here’s today’s goal: Make a totally new recipe that embraces your new food resolution!

Not sure how exactly to do that? Well, of course, we have ideas!

  • Ditched the sugary lattes? Reward yourself with this amazingly simple yet tasty green tea rice recipe!
  • Skipping the bread basket when eating out? Make focaccia at home with this recipe — and freeze or gift any leftovers for portion control.
  • No longer going for fried foods? Make your own baked jalapeno poppers.
  • Avoiding heavily processed foods? Make your own Paleo peanut butter cups!
  • Said goodbye to fast food? Cook your own pizza at home with this recipe.

See the rest of the Week 3 Fit Bottomed Challenges here, and then be sure to share the photo below with #FBC to let everyone know what you’re up to. You just might win free goodies for doing so!


Which recipe will you make? Green tea rice for me it is! Jenn


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