Crush Those Cravings With the Fit Bottomed Challenge!

Hooray! We’re entering the final week of the January Fit Bottomed Challenge. How are you doing? Loving it? Struggling? Learning some new, healthy habits? Wanna brag about it? We’ve got a (free!) graphic for that below!

woman boxing

(Missed what the FBC is all about? Get the full deets and how you can get involved — it’s not too late to start — herehere and here. You can jump in with the new challenges this week, beginning with the Munch It Monday challenge below!)

Munch It Monday, January 26

For this week’s Fit Bottomed Challenge Munch It Monday, we’re talking about cravings. They’re a totally normal — and annoying — fact of life. Sometimes they’re a signal that your body is missing a key nutrient, but other times … well, let’s just say that there’s no nutritionally-sound explanation for craving cookie dough ice cream every night, you know?

When the not-so-healthy cravings hit this week, fight ’em with a healthier substitute! Find some super smart swaps here, or, if you have others you swear by, be sure to share them in the comments.

Come back next Monday for a new food challenge! And today, hop on social (use #FBC) and tell us about your biggest cravings … and how you crush them in a healthy way. For me, finding a better way to get my cheese-and-cracker fix was a gamechanger! Kristen


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