The Ultimate Snack-Time Solution — With Giveaway!

Snack time can be problematic. Meetings that go long, traffic jams and never-ending time constraints leave us dashing from one activity to another, often on an empty stomach.

A lone piece of fruit never seems to cut it, yogurt needs refrigeration and the last time I walked into a cocktail party with chocolate protein bar stuck to my teeth was, well, the last time. Convenience stores are often less than convenient and skipping my snack all together is not an option.

On-the-go, in-between-mealtime munchers get ready to celebrate; the almond snack tin has arrived.


No sticky fingers or unsightly wrappers to contend with. Each reusable container holds the perfect portion of heart-healthy almonds. Just pop the unobtrusive little tin in your pocket or purse, and you will never be without a quick, nutritionally sound snack again.

Compared to other tree nuts, nutrient-dense almonds rank the highest in protein. A one-ounce serving of raw, naturally gluten-free almonds contains six grams of protein, four grams of fiber and just a single gram of saturated fat. It’s the perfect amount of crunchy goodness to keep your engine running without slowing you down.

Did you know that raw almonds have a shelf life of two years? Individually sold packs of anything can be cost prohibitive, so save money, buy in bulk and put a sizable dent in your munching budget.

Healthy snacking is a great way to control appetite and manage weight. Unfortunately even the consummate snacker, like myself, struggles with hitting the mark and overindulges or settles for a less than optimum nibble.

Take the guesswork out of snack time. For a measly investment — tins cost just $1.87 each — you’ll have taste, convenience and nutrition literally at your fingertips.

Want to win your very own almond snack tin? Leave a comment with why you’re nutty for almonds, and we’ll randomly select three U.S. readers to each win a five-pack of them! Winners will be notified in the comments and via email. Good luck, almond-lovers! —Karen


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  1. I love almonds, and snack on them everyday. I have almond flour to make my pumpkin bars, I put almonds in my oatmeal and also put in almond milk.. I would be nice to have a cute tin to carry my almonds in so they are with me all the time..

  2. I eat almonds every day. I think they are part of the reason my hair is looking so much healthier these days. I love having them with me, but the containers they come in are bulky and just don’t fit well in a purse. I often end up putting them in clear baggies which aren’t nearly as cute as the tins.

  3. Oh my goodness what a cute little tin! I save all my tins and mostly they have tea bags in them.

    Well I love stashing almonds in my purse for the hunger pangs. Dang they can hurt so I need something to take the edge off (yes food = medicine in my book). I buy them by the huge-o bags when they go on sale and portion them out.

  4. So I literally just finished a handfull of almonds before I even opened this post up lol.
    I am obsessed with healthy snacking. I always have fruits and nuts on hand, ready to be eaten. I usually have one of them in my purse at all times!

  5. I love almonds. Drink almondmilk every day in my Shakeology and eat a 100 calorie pack as my mid-morning snack. When I pack a salad for lunch I will toss some almonds on top for protein.

  6. As a new low carb person and taking care of myself..I love this! Almonds and all nuts are my got to pick me up healthy snack..and my add in when I just want to feel like I am being bad..but not! I love adding almonds to my plain greek yogurt with some unsweetened coconut for a quick and healthy breakfast! Thank you so much for the chance!

  7. What a great idea for busy moms attempting to demonstrate good habits for growing children! I recently committed to eating healthier and offering my first grader better choices on the go. I carry almonds in my purse, in my car and in her backpack. They are a quick protein laden pick-up as we are constantly in route between work, school and sporting events. Eating a handful of almonds has become my quick go to snack to avoid making spur of the moment poor snack choices when I find myself in the midst of errands and “starving”. Getting a 7 year old to eat well has been challenging – I love the idea of packing a tin in my purse and car and in her soccer and school bag. Cute containers go along way in encouraging her to make good snack choices!

  8. Looooove almonds – I eat them everyday mixed in with my greek yogurt. It’s my all-time favorite snack!