6 Healthy Chips to Crunch Into … Now!

Whether it’s at a summer barbecue or just as a side to a healthy lunch, sometimes you feel like something crunchy to snack on. And these six healthy chips? Well, they made their way to FBE HQ, and we’ve been munchin’ and crunchin’ ever since.


Made with everything from corn to beans to rice to quinoa, these healthy chips aren’t exactly health food, but with whole grains, fiber and even protein, they’re certainly a better option! Bonus: the flavors of some of these healthy chips are totally foodie, too! Kimchi or chocolate chips, anyone? …


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  1. Simply 7 quinoa chips switched quinoa farmers and they now only have 1g of protein per serving, not 9g as originally packaged. And they now have more fat. Not a healthy choice!