The Secret to Affordable Healthy Shopping: ALDI!

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You guys know how I love Trader Joe’s, right? Well, there’s a new grocery store that’s going after my heart these days — and they’re winning, big time.


That’s right; it’s ALDI! Honestly, I hadn’t stepped foot into an ALDI since college when I used to go in and buy tons of bananas for ice cream when I was working at Maggie Moo’s for a summer. But my sister-in-law is obsessed with ALDI, swearing it is the best place to get good deals on food, toiletries, and, well, everything. And after shopping there a few times, I have to agree. I’m smitten! You can’t beat the prices on your everyday staples — and they now have organic fruits and veggies!

We’ll be doing a few sponsored posts with ALDI over the next month or two (including a trip to ALDI HQ, which I am stoked about!), but I thought it would be fun to document a recent trip to ALDI, just so that you can see first-hand what they’ve got.

The temperature hit 45 degrees on this day, and seeing that my dog has been SUPER restless with all the snow and cold, I took Siena along for the ride. She really, really wanted to try ALDI, too. But, alas, she got to kick it in the car with a little fresh air.


Once in, you’ll notice these fun little signs and boxes full of goodies everywhere. This sign really speaks the truth because the prices at ALDI are amazing.


From canned beans to cereal to milk, eggs and just about everything you need to make a meal, ALDI has your basics covered. But I was most interested in the new organics and locally grown section. Now that they have this, I have no idea why I’d go anywhere else to get my staples!


Sweet college-job nostalgia, I spied organic bananas.


Tomatoes …


Carrots and so much more! Just about all of ALDI’s organics were a whole dollar cheaper — if not more — than what I’m used to paying. I mean, organic baby carrots for $1.49 and grape tomatoes for $2.49 in February? You simply can’t do any better than that. And the quality is so awesome!

ALDI also has organic berries in the frozen section. I certainly picked some of these up for my green smoothies! And, again, check that affordable price point.


And produce on the non-organic side is great, too. I spied some super cheap sweet potatoes, which are on the Clean 15 list!


A whole bag of sweet potatoes makes a massive amount of oven fries … and for $1.49, it’s gotta be one of the most affordable, tastiest and healthiest sides out there — especially great if you’re feeding a crowd or the fam. And, again, ALDI’s price on potatoes is about $1 to $2 less than what I’m used to paying. Winning!


While I was there, I also spied some very fit foodie finds that were non-edible but equally awesome. There’s fitness equipment …


And wine glasses! (I’m notorious for breaking wine glasses, so this price point suits my clumsy ways.)


With a full cart, I happily headed back out to the car. And look who was waiting (somewhat) patiently for me in the driver’s seat …


I asked her to drive us home, but she just cocked her head. Ah, well — I guess next time I’ll have to bribe her with some dog treats from ALDI, as they have those, too!

Have you ever been in an ALDI? Shocked by how great the quality is and how low the prices are, too? —Jenn


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