8 Healthy Fall Foods, 24 Scrumptious Fall Recipes


From pumpkin to pomegranate to potatoes of the sweet variety, there are so many yummy fall foods you need to be throwing in your shopping cart. (There are even some of them that don’t start with the letter P!) Fall foods don’t have to just be about the indulgences like pumpkin pie and egg nog and green bean casserole; so many fall foods have crazy health benefits while also giving you the warm and fuzzy feeling that fall favorites bring. I wrote a whole post emphasizing all of the awesome health benefits of the autumn harvest, but what good is a food if you don’t know what to do with it? So we did some internet sleuthing to find some oh-so-yummy fall recipes you should be adding to your fall to-cook list while these foods abound. My stomach is growling just doing this, so I’m really taking one for the team in rounding this up …. you’re oh-so welcome!


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