5 New Post-Workout Snacks to Try


We all know what it’s like to have that post-workout hunger. That primal I-need-to-eat-NOW feeling that sends you running to the kitchen in search of all the food! But, did ya’ll know that for optimal workout performance it’s actually best to eat a meal or a snack within an hour (ideally within 30 minutes if you can swing it!) of your sweat session? Yep, even though you may not be physically hungry that quickly after you work out (I know I’m usually not!), that little window of time is ideal for a post-workout snack.

You want your post-workout snack to have a nice mix of protein and carbs for muscle repair and recovery. Post-workout snacks can be as simple as a peanut-butter-banana sandwich or a little turkey and cheese with apple slices OR it can be something a little different — and a lot more new and exciting. The following five new goodies recently made their way to FBE HQ, and we consider them all to be cool new post-workout snacks to try!


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