Feel the Squeeze, the Chia Squeeze

Fruits … veggies … chia seeds. These are all things we like. And when you put them together in a convenient take-on-the-go package? Well, healthy snacking just doesn’t get much better.

With that said, I give you Chia Squeeze. A new product from Mamma Chia.


I don’t typically get too excited about fruit and veggie purees in squeezable format. They just seem like a kid’s snack; not something for an upstanding foodie adult like myself (add in a self-deprecating snicker here — I clearly have maturity issues). But these little packets of healthy goodness have me singing another tune. One little squeeze of the Apple Cinnamon and it was love at first slurp.

Ew, that was just sick. Why is “slurp” such an icky word? (And, yet again, another example of my lack of maturity.)


Sweet but not too sweet, it tasted like fall. Apples, cinnamon, vanilla — just damn good. And after taking a quick peek at the nutritionals, I also learned that Mamma Chia had sneaked in some butternut squash puree, too. Well done, MC. With just 70 calories in a pouch, 1,200 milligrams of omega-3s, 4 grams of fiber and just 7 grams of sugar, I was impressed. And, seriously, you just don’t get any cleaner than that ingredient list.


A little thick, you can see the chia seeds if you look closely. It’s basically a chia gel or chia pudding made with fruits and veggies. Victory.


I, um, obviously liked it, as my full pouch looked like this after about 45 seconds.


While Apple Cinnamon was my favorite flavor of the four I tried, the rest were awesome, too. In fact, there wasn’t a flavor I disliked. Blackberry Bliss was fresh and fruity and had the fun addition of purple carrot in it.


Green Magic tasted the least sweet of the bunch and was extra healthy with spirulina, kale and chlorella, in addition to mango, banana, apple and lemon.


Strawberry-Banana tasted just like a fresh smoothie, just condensed. With chia seeds.


Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegetarian and vegan, these are a snack (or even a dessert!) I’ll definitely be having again … and again … and again! Plus, I don’t know what took me so long; squeezing your food is kind of fun.

Do you have any squeezable snacks you love? —Jenn


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