How To Make A Reusable Bulk-Food Bag: A Tutorial

Seeing that it’s Earth Day and all, we thought it would be totally rad-pants (Is that a word? Now it is!) to feature a cool trick that you could do to make your healthy eating and cooking more eco-friendly. So when Dana Lardner, the CEO and Designer of Words to Sweat By, a company that offers fun and affordable motivational health and fitness accessories, suggested a guest post on how to make a reusable bulk-food bag, we were all ears. Dana—whose company began with a line of one-size-fits-all sassy or serious mantra workout towels and has grown to include mantra T-shirts, note cards and hand-stamped jewelry (including ours!)—is not only hilarious and talented, but she also likes to share creative ways to be eco-friendly while supporting a healthy lifestyle. Case in point, this DIY tutorial she did just for us!

How To Make A Reusable Bulk-Food Bag

When you’re trying out new recipes, the bulk-food aisle can be one of your best friends. After all, you can buy as little or as much of an ingredient as you’d like.

Want to try quinoa? It’s in the bulk-food section.

Wondering if turbinado sugar is for you? Bulk-food section.

Pepitas? Yep, you guessed it, bulk-food section.

And once you’ve tried the bulk-food section, you’ll wonder why all the fitness fanatics worry about “bulking up.”

The only downside? The number of plastic bags that you’ll come home with on any given shopping trip. And while they make great bags to dispose of diapers or dog poop while you’re on the go, you can only have so many of them before you’ll feel overrun with plastic. Which isn’t good for you or the environment!

So, this tutorial is meant to support your soon-to-be bulk food section habit without contributing to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Not only does this DIY reusable bulk-food bag have an answer for the little twist ties that also just get tossed in the trash after a single use, but it also provides another way you can reuse some of your old T-shirts. Bonus!

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  1. Amazing post. It is really good if we know how to recycle things. We should follow the 4 Rs such as refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle. Thank you for the great information.

  2. Finally, a way to buy in bulk without hauling containers to the store or using disposable plastic bags! By using our fully-sealable and reusable cotton bags in place of plastic, we are immediately reducing our imprint on the earth. They make it simple to bring your bulk food home and easily transfer it to tightly-sealed storage containers.