Give Your Dip a Kick: Spinach Horseradish Dip Recipe

Credit: Jake Spurlock
Also delish with rye crackers, cucumbers and other fresh veggies! Credit: Jake Spurlock

In addition to owning the gym I go to (and love!), Sheryl Hammontree is a woman of many talents, including being a little bad-ass in the kitchen. Always whipping up this and that, she is truly a fit foodie! So when she offered us the opportunity to share her recent concoction for Spinach Horseradish Dip, we just had to share the deliciousness. So get out some cucumber slices, bell pepper strips and rye crackers and eat this Spinach Horseradish Dip right on up! It’s a much, much healthier version of spinach dip that’s just as tasty!

We love how quick and easy this is, don’t you? Perfect for a party or even a snack. And the lemony flavor with the kick of horseradish? So good!

Tell us, what’s your favorite dip? Any horseradish fans out there? —Jenn


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