Adventures in Trying New Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes (And a Bit of a Rant)


I love the slow cooker. Whoever invented it deserves a monument to persevering the sanity of many busy moms, cooks --- and heck just people. Because no matter what kind of day you've had, when you roll home to the smell of awesomely good food just …
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Almost Old-Fashioned Beef Barley Soup


With the news media filled with the much-acclaimed benefits of natural foods, one would think that the quest for health through nutrition is something new, but it just isn’t so. Proof positive is my 1942 edition of the Woman’s Home Companion …
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Crock-Pot Apple Butter Recipe


My childhood home was nothing fancy, the typical Midwestern ranch, but the yard --- oh the yard! Now it held some bragging rights. Over an acre, the back half was lined with fruit trees --- 15 apple, two pear and one plum thrown in for good …
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Weirdest Food I’ve Ever Cooked: Tacos de Lengua (aka Beef Tongue Tacos)


Warning: If meat --- especially weird cuts of meat --- makes you squeamish, you may not want to read this post. Or even look at this post ... because, well, there are pictures of things. Animal things. Tongue-like things. Tacos de Lengua. It …
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