Six-Ingredient Pre-Workout Energy Bites Recipe


It's FBG's sixth birthday, and this calls for cupcakes! After I finish today's run, of course. The summer heat has returned to Phoenix, which means my 4 a.m. wakeup calls have also returned. Even if my training plan only calls for a short run, …
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Perk Up Any Dish With This Avocado Mango Salsa


This Avocado Mango Salsa recipe from from Linda LaRue, creator of The Core Transformer and author of the SOUPer Slim Diet, is so darn tasty and bright that we just had to share it today for Eat the Rainbow Week!  Although Seasonal Affective …
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Fruit Bliss Review: The Moistest Dried Fruit I’ve Ever Tasted


I'm the first to admit that dried fruit can be a total hit or miss for me. I dig the dried apple chips on my Panera salads, but would never munch on them on their own. I like dried cranberries in trail mix or in salads I make at home, but I rarely …
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Goji Persimmon Smoothie Recipe


We shared that super yummy detox salad recipe from Beaming yesterday and, gosh, it was just so darn tasty that we had to nab another one from there to share. This one is the Goji Persimmon Smoothie Recipe --- and it's as tasty and healthy as it is …
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Eat Clean in the New Year With This Detox Salad


Looking to start the New Year off on a healthier and cleaner note? Say hello to this Detox Salad from Beaming, which offers plant-based, organic, superfood products that taste good, too. We're not usually into the whole "detox" thing, but if you …
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How to Make Your Very Own Healthy Bento Box Lunch


Do a quick Google or Pinterest search for "bento box," and you'll turn up thousands and thousands of fun ideas. Originating in Japan, this compartmentalized way of eating --- with a serious flair for creativity and cuteness --- is traditionally done …
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Food Fight: Clearly Kombucha vs. Reed’s Culture Club Kombucha


Sure, it's a little weird and a lot funky. But kombucha, a fizzy fermented tea, is said to be uber good for you, delivering boosts like increased immunity, energy and lots of those super-good-for-ya probiotics. And although a bit of an acquired taste …
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The SimplyRaw Kitchen Sour Kream and Onion Dip Recipe


One of the scariest things about committing to a certain way of eating, be it Paleo, gluten-free, vegan, raw or anything else, is the idea of never eating certain foods again. Or, if you can find them in a form that meets your dietary restrictions, …
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The Cookbook That Rocked My World: The SimplyRaw Kitchen

the simplyraw kitchen

My body has been on a bit of a roller coaster this year. In early January, just as I was really beginning to buckle down on my training for the Leadman Tri, I started another round of TMJ pain, which forced me back to a diet of smoothies, soup and …
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