Sweet and Savory Tempeh Tacos


Earlier today we shared a raspberry protein shake recipe that was a fabulous way to kickstart your day with a little healthy detoxing. And now, as promised from the The Clean in 14 Detox, we're sharing author Melissa Costello's Sweet and Savory …
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Belgian Endive Salad With Avocado


Now that spring is in full swing you’ll most likely find yourself eating more of those Big-Ass Salads. Romaine, Boston, iceberg and leaf may win the popularity contest (with spinach coming in close behind), but don’t limit your selection of salad …
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It’s National Garlic Month! Celebrate With Oven-Roasted Garlic


We routinely roast potatoes, carrots, onions, pumpkins, peppers and a slew of other vegetables, so why not garlic? After an hour in the oven, garlic’s pungent flavor grows sweet and mellow, it becomes soft and spreadable, and the whole house smells …
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Review: Perk Up With Turkey Perky Jerky


I've shared my nostalgic love of beef jerky before. And with a name like "Perky Jerky" --- especially when it's "Turkey Perky Jerky" --- I pretty much couldn't resist trying this new high-protein snack. I mean, it's gluten-free, nitrate-free, high in …
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Fun Ways to Enjoy Quinoa

cooked quinoa

What a difference a few decades make. When I was a youngster, the basic grain choices were oats, white rice, grits and noodles or macaroni. Then brown rice and whole-wheat products hit the scene with their high-fiber/low-glycemic badass selves and …
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Pu-erh: The New Healthy Tea You Probably Haven’t Heard of Yet


We've tried a few teas from Numi Organics and if anything they're always interesting, delicious and totally unique. So when they gave us the chance to try Chocolate Pu-erh tea, I was interested. First, well, it's chocolate, so that's a win. Second, …
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My Veggie Spiralizer Rocks My Veggie-Loving Socks Off


This fall, I got really, really friendly with spaghetti squash. It was in season, cheap, and I'd eat it at least twice a week --- subbing it in for pasta, using it as a base to sop up leftover chili, using it to top off my Big-Ass Salads. And, then, …
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Review: KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink


Lately, I've been kind of obsessed with probiotics. I don't do dairy well, so yogurt isn't the best option, but I love me some kombucha, raw sauerkraut and even probiotics in supplement form. Probiotics are said to do everything from help with …
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How to Make Your Very Own Healthy Bento Box Lunch


Do a quick Google or Pinterest search for "bento box," and you'll turn up thousands and thousands of fun ideas. Originating in Japan, this compartmentalized way of eating --- with a serious flair for creativity and cuteness --- is traditionally done …
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Let’s Talk Turkey, Jennie-O Turkey Steaks and Burgers That Is!


It's darn near turkey time! And while we're not quite ready to roast the bird yet, turkey is certainly on the brain. As a leaner and lower-calorie choice than red meat, turkey is always a good protein source, and we're always interested in new ways …
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