Making New Memories While Celebrating the Old at Roy’s Waikiki

roy's menu

When we travel, Jared and I make a solid effort to avoid chain restaurants, preferring to explore local spots with food that better represents the area. Plus, that tends to be a great way to chat with locals and get the scoop on what's fun and unique …
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Probably the Best Meal of My Life …


So you know how I had the best wine of my life in Paso Robles recently? Well, on that same trip, I also had the most amazing dinner of my life at The Restaurant at JUSTIN. From start to finish, it was hands-down pure foodie heaven. And --- get this …
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What I Ate for a (Restaurant) Week: 5 Birthday Meals to Remember


I wrote about this over on Fit Bottomed Girls yesterday, but when it comes to birthdays, I like to draw things out. Like all week out. So for this What I Ate for a Day, I'm switching it up ... it's more like What I Ate for a Week. Because I ate SO …
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The Bride Wore Fuchsia! And Ate Well, Too!


Bill and I had decided to get married. That decision was a no-brainer. The logistics of a small simple wedding, however, was something else. Traditional wedding venues were way to big for what we had in mind, the courthouse held no appeal and Bill …
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Azla: A Vegan Ethiopian Restaurant Worth Its Weight in Injera!

small azla

It's well known in my circle of friends that you rarely leave your area of Los Angeles. You find restaurants, shops and local hangouts --- and you stick to that radius. The traffic in Los Angeles makes this so. The only time you leave your 'hood is …
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