Kaeng Raeng vs. Vega One Starter Kit


Well, it's been awhile since we did one of these ... And today's is unique. We rarely wade into the detox/cleanse waters, but occasionally, when we've heard a lot about a product or get a lot of reader requests to share our opinion, well, we …
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Review: Perk Up With Turkey Perky Jerky


I've shared my nostalgic love of beef jerky before. And with a name like "Perky Jerky" --- especially when it's "Turkey Perky Jerky" --- I pretty much couldn't resist trying this new high-protein snack. I mean, it's gluten-free, nitrate-free, high in …
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7 Natural Snacks and Sweet Treats to Look for This Year


You guys know that Lori Rice of Fake Food Free is one of our fave bloggers --- and that she makes amazing recipes, like these Chocolate Peanut Truffles. But being that awesome foodie that she is, Lori also keeps up with all the all-natural food …
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LifeIce Review: Kind of Like Bite-Sized Popsicles


I like popsicles. I like citrus. I like chocolate. So when LifeIce arrived on FBE HQ's doorstep, things looked promising. These little bite-sized frozen treats are all-natural, fat-free, low-calorie and low-sugar. The shelf-stable trays (no …
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For the Athletes in the House: NuGO Stronger Protein Bars Review


Today's NuGo STRONGER protein bar review speaks to two different exciting things: Sweet Tooth Week and the Olympics! Because not only are these bars sweet (almost candy bar like, in fact), but also they're made for athletes (with big …
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Nikki’s Coconut Butter Review (Spoiler: It’s Amazing)


Confession: Although I adore black coffee, coffee with a hearty amount of Bailey's is, like, one of my favorite things. EVER. Truth: Bailey's isn't exactly healthy, and it surely isn't socially acceptable to spike your coffee every day. And …
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