Susan-Proofing: Must-Have Safety Items for Every Kitchen


True story: I probably shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen. In college, I once set my stove on fire, filling my tiny apartment with smoke. Needless to say, my neighbors were not happy to air out the apartment complex during a Wisconsin …
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Salad Spinner, I Wish I Had You in My Life Years Ago!


I've always seen salad spinners in stores and thought: Really? Do you really need to spin your salad before eating it? Isn't just a wash and quick dry with a clean towel sufficient? And then I became obsessed with Big-Ass Salads. And going to the …
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Fit Bottomed Eats’ Gift Guide: 9 Gifts for Foodies


Fit Bottomed Girls did one. Fit Bottomed Mamas did one. So you knew Fit Bottomed Eats was going to have to do one, too! Yeah! Say hello to the official Fit Bottomed Eats' gift guide --- nine gifts for foodies that we are absolutely smitten with and …
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How to Make Your Very Own Healthy Bento Box Lunch


Do a quick Google or Pinterest search for "bento box," and you'll turn up thousands and thousands of fun ideas. Originating in Japan, this compartmentalized way of eating --- with a serious flair for creativity and cuteness --- is traditionally done …
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Zing! An Easy Way to Make Crazy Good Creative Salad Dressings


I think everyone can agree that a homemade salad dressing is not only better for you but also that it just tastes better. And, really, while your ingredients in a salad make a big difference, the dressing you use can be HUGE in taking a salad from …
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